Monday, September 1, 2008


I went for a morning drive on Saturday and captured this image, which turned out pretty good.

I spent some time today updating the website. I think it looks better now, but I'm still not finished with it. Check out the website if you get a chance at

Also on Saturday, Kathy and I went for a motorcycle ride with a group that has met in Westby every labor day weekend for the last 22 years! We followed them around for a while and when they decided to run Wildcat mountain, we took off ahead and tried to get some pics of them coming through.

On Friday we took a nice ride over to Milwaukee so one of my co-workers could take a look at a Ducati that he wants to buy. Kathy and I both love Ducatis and were very excited to go with. Dave and I both got to test ride these expensive Italian bikes and we had a blast!

Kathy with her dream bike, a Ducati Monster.

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